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What We Do

  • Health care
  • Orphans and vulnerable children support
  • Environmental protection and improvement
  • Women empowerment

Health Care

Health care is one of the areas that falls within our mission to improve the health of the members of the community, so that they are healthy and strong enough to actively take part in development activities and improve their livelihoods.

We conduct community engagement seminars /workshops to discuss health issues and problems affecting people and together developing appropriate counter measures to be able to address the threats and diseases under focus in villages.

Malaria  HIV/AIDS and water borne diseases remain some of the major health concerns in the area, bearing so heavily on community here with malaria alone accounting for 75% of the ailment cases reported  in the local health institutions in the area and also rated as one of the fastest killer disease .This figure is just too highland considering  the fact that these local health institutions face a big shortage of the needed facilities ,in this regard, these institutions find it extremely difficult handling the situation ,in our efforts to help address the  anomalies’, we mobilizes members of the community into small village groups of about 25 to 30 people for effective communication and management, set out dates for every group and make visits to these groups on the different dates holding regular meeting with these groups and conducting discussions and trainings on health issues that concerns them and equipping them with the needed first hand measures to help them counter the problems, more so we make visits to health institutions and talk to patients  about these critical first hand precautionary


 measures that needs to be undertaken to avoid coming in contact with the diseases ,also we make visits to other public gatherings e.g. churches and other public gathering e.g. leaders meetings popularly known as barazas, to pass the information to the gatherings as well as carrying on with demonstration activities, so as to internalize the process.

Again, we make further visits  to much deeper rural areas where health  services are rarely found,  reaching out to the very common ignorant individuals who lack the important basic health information and provide the services while distributing health related products to help the community effectively manage and control the diseases.

Finally, we arrange follow up activities at households’ levels to carry on with further demonstration and to judge how effective our impact is, through inspection, monitoring and evaluation activities, measuring the outcomes.

Orphans and vulnerable children [OVC] support program;

[OVC] support program is another area that falls within our mission .Due to hard core poverty, diseases and the many other varied problems witnessed in this area, children find themselves in crossfire of all forms of violence and abuse which includes; psychological, injury, neglect, exploitation and sexual abuse. .HIV/AIDS worsens the situation whereby the death of parents exposes these children to more other problems, thereby complicating everything for these children.

We work to protect and improve these children’s welfare through counseling and rescue services, where the affected children are rescued from the hands of possible perpetuators and take them to our center for further support services. we also get out to the rest of the community through various  public  gatherings, churches and others to talk about these issues and educate the public in issues to do with children rights and protection, so as to prevent cases of child abuse and use the same forums to encourage and educate members of the public on the importance of basic necessities to children which includes; shelter, basic  education, food, health services, clothing and others, so as to restore hope into these hopeless children. We have established a model day care center    to provide a special alternative for these troubled children, where they can receive normal learning like the rest of the other children in conducive environment that best suits their situation. We also use this institution to provide along  term and practical solution to the ever increasing and elusive poverty menace in the area where at the very tender age, we mould and build each one of these children according to their disposition so that they can grow and develop into their true best selves, the best that good ordained them for, as away of putting  to full and proper use each and every ounce of strength resident in every individual to enable them be in apposition to realize their full human potentials and  face the future with total confidence and take a dedicated  and creative action towards  overcoming poverty. This is because with proven  results, people who  live and work within their own elements i.e. true best selves, stand 100% chances of succeeding in achieving anything they are capable of in life and can therefore bring about every change desired, compared to those who operate outside their elements on a try and era basis.

In this centre we also offer formal education and counseling services, recreational programs, conduct modification of behaviors in order to carter for these children learning difficulties and remedial education. We also organize for individuals, group or family therapy to ensure that all concerned parties e.g. guardians and that parents of these children are fully involved in the process, for proper parenting and child development for increased results. We also intend to start supporting the progression of students from primary to secondary and college through scholarship packages.

Environmental Protection and Improvement 

The rate of environmental degradation witnessed in this area is just unacceptable, the  natural resource that provide the only source of livelihoods for the local poor continues to be poorly  managed to the total detriment of mans own survival, contributing to almost 90% of the problems and issues affecting people in this areas

To address the issues pertaining to  environmental degradation in this place, we conduct awareness to the  community regarding the impact of  environmental degradation and the need for comprehensive mitigation actions at all levels of the general population, including family and individual levels .We also conduct community engagement workshops to empower the existing traditional systems for coping and also equipping them with special  knowledge, skills and the remedial measures, needed for them to fully take up a complete responsibility on how to effectively and properly utilize and restore the indigenous tree species and grasses to protect,  manage and improve their general environment, for improved living standards and sustainable development .Finally, we take up a leading role to move up and down, collecting seeds wherever they can be found, prepare the seedbeds and mobilize the community to participate in the planting exercises.

Women Empowerment

Women play a very critical role in the social economic development of our society, yet their contribution is not well recognized, where they are in most cases looked down upon at various levels due to their gender factor and therefore still marginalized and denied essential opportunities needed for them to be able improve their livelihoods, in that 3 out of 8 women cannot excess basic needs.

We work to change the current communities perception by organizing workshops, making visits to social gatherings and talk to the public with the purpose of changing the perception regarding women and not only assisting them effectively engage in income generating activities [IGA] but more so ,develop them just in line with each ones  deposition and potentials as the most effective long term and practical way of enabling them tackle poverty and promote sustainable development because once again ,with proven result people who operate within their own elements stand 100% chances of succeeding in achieving every thing they are capable of bringing about every change desired, in comparison to those who operate  outside their elements on a try and error basis .

We also train them, equipping them with the needed extra knowledge and entrepreneurial skills and also provide them with start up capital, so needed to enable them start and actively participate in income generating activities [IGA] for them to enhance their earning power and improve their livelihood together with those of their families.

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