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Our Organizational Structure

ADEPS organizational structure provides for the governing board as the top and overall organ in decision making in all affairs of the organization. Under the governing board, is the executive committee which is responsible for planning, controlling, managing and running of the organization; Then under the executive committee, we have a cluster of other proxy committees including;

  • .The Staff and general purposes committee
  • Which will always receive the mandate and authority from the executive committee to assist in transaction of matters pertaining to stuff and other matters of test as may be seen desirable by the executive committee and in accordance with the law.
  • .The finance committee;

Which will also at all times receive authority and mandate from the executive committee, to assist in streamlining matters pertaining to finances of the organization, including financial flow and documentation among others.

  • Then finally we have the fund raising committees which like the other two committees also work under the executive committee, with the obligation of mobilization of resources: conduct research in all matters pertaining to resources and advise the organization accordingly.

Under these sub-communities, we have a team of advises and after which comes the secretariat/executive, which has the responsibility of ensuring a smooth running of the office, including all the administrative and clerical activities pertaining to all the project /programmes initiated by the organization, including projects development .write ups and documentation

Then finally at the bottom of this organ gram comes the service providers /field projects assistants at the community level, whose responsibility is to disseminate services to the community /beneficiaries.

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