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Lessons Learned

  • One of the most important basic qualifications any one require to make mileage in any given development endeavor, is that positive mindset.
  • Meaningful development cannot be achieved overnight, but over a time
  • In the struggle towards achieving the intended objectives, the 3 Ps are indeed a must i.e. patients, persevering, but pursuing.
  • Avoiding challenges as they came, is one of the most serious mistakes that one can make, but rather facing them head on as they come marks appositive step forward.
  • The secret behind excellent work lies in the hands of team work and concerted efforts.
  • Making progress depends with the kind of people you choose to hang around with .You cling on the right group you advance on; you pick on the opposite type you lag behind.
  • Challenges if well taken, opens up to new opportunities.
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