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How We Work

We work by conducting research and needs assessment studies in poor and disadvantaged communities,  to get a clear understanding of the problems and  issues affecting the community ;get to know the feelings of the community members over the problems and issues in question and strictly taking in what they say and then get outside our organization to talk to expects about the issues and problems, taking note of their inputs; Figure out the communities demands and what needs to be done to address the issues and problems in question; Conduct data analysis and after which formulate programs and activities to address the problems and issues of community concerns, entrenching all these programs and projects activities in a comprehensive result framework- an instrument which includes a form of the organizations approach to the development problems and issues affecting the community and setting out indicators  for measuring the progress towards achieving the set results and at the same time, develop systems and tools to help us monitor, evaluate and communicate the progress toward achievement of the set result in our intervention efforts

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