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If ADEPS strategic plan is fully and well implemented, then at the end of the day we expect the following outcomes;

  1. That members of the community will be assisted to develop the much needed ability to discover themselves for their purposes in life and their surroundings for their underlying qualities and gifts in order to be able to know and participate effectively on ones assignment on earth to the end, thereby ensuring optimum use  of the available natural and nature best resources, both human and material of the beneficiary communities, for even more sustainable development.
  2. That people will fully be developed in line with their potentialities depending on each ones disposition ,making them competent enough to pursue opportunities for self fulfillment and be able to effectively and profitably bring about economic growth that will balance self and net worth improvement, putting them in a much better position to realize their full human potentials and more able to effectively tackle their development problems and issues as they arise and at the same time, help conserve and restore the ecosystems original structure while maintaining stable development.
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