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How We We Work

We work by conducting research and needs assessment studies in poor and disadvantaged communities to get a clear understanding of the problems and issues affecting the community: get to know the feeling of the community over the problem and issues in question and strictly taking in what they say and then get outside of our organization to talk to experts about the issues and problems taking note of their input figure out the committee demands and what needs to be done to address the issue and problems in question; conduct data analysis and after which formulate programs and activities to address the [problems and issues of the community, concerns.

Enriching all these programs and frame work, an instrument which includes of the organization approach to the development problems and issues of community are settings and out indicators for measuring the progress towards achieving the set results and at the same time develop systems and tools to help us monitor element and communication. The progress towards achievement of the set results in our intervention efforts.

Who we collaborate with?

We work in close collaboration with like minded party’s e.g. relevant government line ministries and departments.

NGO’S/CBO’S/FI3O and other private sector and others.

Our partners both previous and current.:

  • National Aids control council/constituency Aids control committee (NACC/CACC)
  • Uzima foundation

Current partner

Our accomplishment

720 workshops and community engagement sessions conducted.

15734 members of the community empowered to play an active role in health care issues.

Established a day care center cantering for the troubled children and youngster.

140 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) integrated in the center.

More than 4000 health related products e.g. mosquitos net, Condoms, water purification drugs, IEC materials distributed to the communities to help control and manage the situation.

Challenges in the implementation of the ADEPS strategic plan.

ADEPS is currently performing under, because it cannot function well to be able to serve well to be able to serve the community as expected because of a number of issues i.e.

  • Fundraising contains lack of reliable resource base
  • Inadequate organization capacity high level of poverty in the area in many locations from particular in the organization activities on voluntary basis.

Where we work?

Our current area of focus is Vihiga County

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