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2014 Overview
2014 saw ADEPS make steady advances towards their vision of building a strong health, economically vibrant and cohesive society; a society that is free from all sorts of injustices and caste, including social and economic, where every individual can be fully self-reliant.

Our strategic plan 2017-2022 remains the main instrument towards this end, for helping all the players involved in the ADEPS intervention efforts drive the community towards the realization of this vision by working to address the problems and issues under our current objective of improving health, promoting economic and educational growth and improving and protecting environment in Tiriki West Division of Vihiga, directly impacting 35,000 community members; 500 women; 300 children; restoring and replanting 20,000 indigenous tree seedlings and grasses in order to promote steady development and help reducing suffering in the area.

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